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What you need to know!

To make it simple, silk screen printing process consists of 4 steps. 
1)COLOR SEPARATION Graphic/image needs to be separated via computer into layers according to number of different colors desired. Once the graphic/image is separated it will be printed into 3 different films (1 for every color).
2)SILK SCREEN The 3 Films then will be transferred onto 3 silk screen through a powerful UV light. Once screens are treated and cured they are ready to be mounted onto a screen printing machine.
3)MOUNTING Screens have to be mounted with precise alignment to complete an ideal graphic. Once screens are 100% alligned, its time to mix the ink to get exact patone color.
4)PRINTING/ CURING Once screen has been alligned and ink has been mixed we are finally ready to print a top notch sample for client approval. After sample has been printed, garment is cured using a 300-400F degree oven.

* Color Separations

*Graphic Resizing

Additional Specialty Services.

*Pantone Colo​r Matching

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